Well here we are approaching December on our winter mooring in Montceau. and settled in nicely. We have been here 8 weeks and therefore a third of the way through winter with about 16 weeks to go before we start next years cruising. We are already getting itchy feet or should that be cruisers elbow.

Our winter days are spent planning for next spring, boat maintenance, and French lessons with Marie-Claude who comes to the boat once a week so we can practice our conversational French. In the week we have French tapes to practice , so that Marie can correct us when she comes, by spring we should be quite fluent.

The weather has turned colder and we are now lighting the wood burner most evenings. The 2 cubic meters of logs we bought in Genelard are doing very well and should last the winter at the current rate of burn. The boat is indeed very cosy with the fire and other heating in place .

We are on a tight budget with a very limited pension income, but we are surviving , in fact we do more than just survive we are eating very well with a local market here twice a week. Not going out to eat now but cooking a lot on the boat and that is proving to be very enjoyable and if I may say so very tasty.

We go to the local library twice a week to connect to the Internet and when the signal is good enough we can SKYPE family and friends. If you have a SKYPE facility look out for us on Tuesday or Wednesday around 2pm and Saturday around midday.

I will try to update the blog once a week

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

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