10 October- eating regime and visitors

We are now well settled in at St Leger, and until the last week the weather has continued in a splendid manner. Gladys has fully recovered from her ordeal last month, so much so that she has returned to her Steve McQueen escape artistry.  To combat her escape tendency we have bought her a back pack and as a training aid pack them with exercise weights.  

Gladys with her new back pack from a company called EzyDog.
Surprisingly she has accepted the back pack in her stride and now walks off the lead and with me rather than disappearing into the mist.
We have also had some welcome visitors, firstly Marco, he of the sunset and sunrise fame.  He and Carmen have now moved into their new house at Baye and we had been invited up for lunch today, which we were looking forward to, but unfortunately the heavens opened this morning and as we were going to let Gladys and Marco’s dog run loose in their new garden it would have got messy, also Teresa is not at her best today with stomach cramps so we have rescheduled but  in honour of Marco I have included a glorious sunset scene at St Leger.
Ciao Marco
Our next visitors were Peter, Angie and Kes their border collie.  The moorings at St Leger are packed so they butted up with us for the night, and all to soon we waved goodbye to them in the morning

Kes, Gladys mate and wannabe lover!!

Waving goodbye to Pete and Angie, and Kes
We have started our new eating regime and to date; I have lost a stone and Teresa half a stone so far so good.  We bought a new powerful juicer and are having juices morning and lunchtime. Some mainly vegetables others mostly fruit.  The really surprising thing we are not feeling hungry which I worried about as the subsequent temptation would sabotage our efforts, but as I said so far so good.   I am thinking of entering the London Marathon in April as an incentive to keep going and lose all the weight I need to, watch this space….
Finally the young swans are pairing up outside our window and they do make a splendid and peaceful view.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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