The Big Adventure

Posted from Gloucester, England, United Kingdom. We are off soon, leaving Gloucester and heading for the continent. How long we will stay where we will visit is curently in the lap of the gods, that’s the adventure.First stop will be Rotterdam in Holland where the boat will be lifted into the water from the back of a lorry. After that...

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The day the wheel came down

The big wheel erected behind our boat in the docks came down today. I took a series of pictures to show the progress of dismantling. It all happened in one day. I will miss it.

Weekend jaunt

This temporary Ferris wheel sits behind Renaissance and has been a big feature in the docks over the summer. It is being dismantled next week and I shall miss it a bit although it will be more peaceful. This was a serendipity moment. A small gap in the vegetation on the canal bank revealed a small brick tunnel leading to...

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Family BBQ on the Gloucester Sharpness canal

Posted from Gloucester, England, United Kingdom. What a lovely day, a rare treat this summer the weather was glorious and everybody was well chilled out, even the dogs, for jJack Russell’s that is special. The little BBQ featured in the picture is a real find around £5 from Sainsbury’s, it’s called a bucket BBQ and it works absolutely brilliantly. I...

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New solar panels

Posted from Gloucester, England, United Kingdom. Just fitted these yesterday. It feels good being a bit green at least but if i am honest I did not fit them to save the planet, but to ease my dependence on electricity when we begin the grand adventure. My next posting will give more details of the adventure , but once we...

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