Slow start to the adventure

Posted from Evesham, England, United Kingdom. Yes I said it was a waiting game and so it is. No disrespect to Evesham but it is very dull here and I get bored very easily. News is that the lift will happen around the 18th November so three weeks time or so, but there are complications involving the other end lifting...

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The adventure begins

Posted from Gloucester, England, United Kingdom. We decided this week to move the boat from Gloucester – Evesham. The weather has been good up to this week and the river levels consequently quite low and easy to manage upstream. We completed the move in two days. We left Gloucester docks to a rousing farewell from Sam, Chris, Pete and Helen....

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Winter Mooring

Having realised late that a winter mooring is going to be essential shortly after we arrive in Europe in October, we quickly turned to the barge associaltion for help.I thought it would be reasonably easy to find a mooring within a short distance of Rotterdam, however, this proved not to be the case, and we were extremly lucky to locate...

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The Big Adventure

Posted from Gloucester, England, United Kingdom. We are off soon, leaving Gloucester and heading for the continent. How long we will stay where we will visit is curently in the lap of the gods, that’s the adventure.First stop will be Rotterdam in Holland where the boat will be lifted into the water from the back of a lorry. After that...

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The day the wheel came down

The big wheel erected behind our boat in the docks came down today. I took a series of pictures to show the progress of dismantling. It all happened in one day. I will miss it.